NEW POETRY: Obsidian



36 Fahrenheit
Zero Four Thirty-Three
Hair tousled as if by a lover
I’ve forgotten now
the touch
of whiskers on my ass
Hands thirstily pumping
my long-neglected well

the parking lot gleams
Chariots sleep
as I weep
for Better
(a man
than has yet to reach
for me)

I’ll not settle now
for Dreams
borne of lack of a compass

One ninety-two a gallon
for an elixir
Fleeing for Safety
Finding No One

c2016 GC Cameron

NEW POETRY: Identity


(For June Crawford Sanders)

Some days the world
fights with itself
too much
and I beg God
for Death and Resurrection
Grant me Humility
with a glimpse
of TRUE Hell
Baptize me
on the way
back out of the Depths

“Refine me in fire”!
I, Too Small
pleadingly pray

I wait
with Impatience
til night comes around
Only to have the Moon
return a stunning Reflection

c2016 GC Cameron

NEW POETRY: Cinderella (I Don’t Know)


(I Don’t Know)

I don’t know
if I’m allowed to love you
I only know
that I’d sure like to try
You’re a good lookin’ man
and I am what I am
Just a mousy girl
with dreams too high
to climb

And at night
my blue eyes
look up your way
Beg the shooting stars
to make you kiss me
hard one day
Turn a small town girl
into Cinderella
I don’t need no glass slippers
just for you to be my fella

I don’t know
If I’m allowed to love you
I only know
you’re the one who caught my eye
You’re a soft-spoken man
and I am what I am
Just a fool for love
with a yearning heart
praying to the sky

c2015 GC Cameron

NEW POETRY: Underground



How was I
to know
the day you
lured me to his house
How was I
to know
you’d try to bury me
Under his secrets
Under his spell
Officer Daddy
wouldn’t act this way
You had to make sure
I didn’t tell

No one
No more
About the Hell
I lived to tell
No where
No how
Stomp on the badge
of a cop we knew
too well

How was I
to forget
the day you
betrayed me
a witness to death
in his house
With no regrets
Under his spell
You haven’t apologized

And I lived
And I felt
Canadian breezes
French city walls
A surgeons’ cut
All made me well
Raise my voice
against the faces
of a cop
a sister
who thought I’d never tell
Once my life
found a place
the deceptive dungeon walls

Death or Defiance
We all break out
You’d like it not
to matter Now

But I see your face
Walk in YOUR House
How you manage
such Serenity
Perhaps it’s not that way

c2015 GC Cameron

NEW POETRY: Song for John


Song for John

Where have you
slipped off to, my friend?
Why did you let go of my hand?
I’ve walked so long
with you by my side
I can’t remember when
I last laughed without you
When a melody wasn’t ours

Be on the breeze
I miss you already
Stay with me somehow

Where have you
slipped off to, my friend?
Why did you run
ahead, ’round the bend?
I’ve travelled so far
Now I don’t know where you are
Wait for me
at our journeys’ end?

Be on every highway
I miss you already
Stay with me somehow

You were more than a man
Dearest daring friend
Polaris in the night
Forever guiding me
My Friend

c2015 GC Cameron
On the passing of
Guitar Virtuoso, Composer
John Jennings

NEW POETRY: Fireworks and Funerals





I look
when you don’t know
I dream
when you’re asleep
Those mischievous eyes
Light up the night
Spark a fire in me

And yet
I don’t
let what I hope might be
Demote my sensibilities

You are
fireworks and funerals
Crescendoes and crushing blows
Midnight and bright daylight
Full sunlight and shadows

Off on the far horizon
I pretend not to care

but my heart hears
my body trembles
for what I trust is You
Out there

We are old
by some accounts
Better preserved
than others close
We have been
and debauchery
together and alone

Always the bratty tomboy
I doubt you ever noticed
the fireworks and funerals
that I always ended up

It’s all right
Love knows its time
Never was I ripe
in seasons past
Bright and mature now
At last I am sure
I can feel it all
even if you don’t
for me

I’ve loved the
fireworks and funerals
We might never come to be


c2015 GC Cameron

NEW POETRY: For Kathryn, Mighty and Scared


For Kathryn, Mighty and Scared

don’t you dare
think for one minute
that I don’t feel you
amidst my braveless silence
I still remember
that Good Shabbos
the only foreigner in sight
when your tiny toes
kicked me in the ribs
as the Temple Scrolls passed by

I gasped
Your father glanced
all stern
but other mothers
knew my plight

Years later
Dark circles
a frightened frown
is what I remember
of your face
upon last sight

I’ve stuttered
giving Pain power
and I wish
this Holy Night
I could hold you
in my arms
(We both
could grieve
that moment in time

When I lost
Your Trust
When I failed
to treasure enough
the perfume of your skin
your dimples
and blue eyes

Dear Kathryn Rose
Mighty and Scared
Beg Jehovah
Deliver us from Exile
Break the Darkness
with Divine Right

C2015 GC Cameron
Missing Kathryn Rose

NEW POETRY: Champagne Glorious



I want to lie
On the bed
Pasty white
as Summer ends
You and me
atop, Antique
Blissfully not caring
where Memory ends

Touch to touch
Skin to skin
Paper thin
Egoes and Endings

Caress my sagging belly
with your tender kisses
lips to win

This is
the best of Us
Better than
We’ve ever been

As the sun slides
and yields to Night
Turn off the music
Ignore the din
All I know
I need now
is your heartbeat
and your chin
Upon my thigh
Beyond my dreams
Grateful the world
doesn’t need We

This is
the best of Us
Better now
in Our reveries

We have had
the very best of Life
Hard to complain
when We stayed sane
despite the fires and fights

As the days end
Others can see
We’ve had
the best of Us

c2015 GC Cameron
On the occasion of President & Mrs Jimmy Carter
Kissing as directed by an Atlanta Braves
“Kiss Cam”

NEW POETRY: Faith Enough



I remember
that night
The one when
We stood in the Dark
Early, it was
At a higher longitude
I couldn’t see my hand
in front

Grinding your hips
Clasping my arms
All We had was Faith

It was

And then
the light came
And suddenly
We were gone

I look back
Know the goat
with cataracts
was blessed with
Innocence Enough
The cats were annoyed
by the day
Sleeping on
our tousled clothes
They knew
but didn’t say
Soft was there
in both of Us

Every vein
Firm salty drink
I took of You
became my oasis
My Salvation
amidst Chaos

Grope the Wind
Clutch my Heart
All We had was Faith

It was

Show up
on my doorstep, Dammit!
Do you think
I’d turn You away?
Flirtations dinners inches
Daily are discussed
but the Memories
seem Impenetrable
these days

The sofa
That kiss
that went on
Full of Bliss
I trust even You
can’t replace

Grief beyond measure
Cloistered too safe
All We had was Faith

(It was

c2015 GC Cameron
Photograph of Author
Courtesy A J Nasella




The night sky
Is outside
my lace-curtained windows
I see
My small life
Insignificant to many
Yet I breathe
Why must being Human
Mean being Frail?

I miss you
Reach for you
Like the Moon
does so the Earth
So far away
and yet
Close by
Too many days
It hurts

To touch you
To feel you
To know your breath again

I can’t see
Your face
but every now and then
The clouds pretend
The clouds pretend
I pretend

For one moment
what I wouldn’t give
To feel your arms around me
Sneak up on me
Tickle quick
Laugh and I’d be Happy once again

It’s just not fair
I know I’m Greedy
Of you
I’ll never have enough

But every now and then
The sky tries to comfort
It lets
the clouds pretend
Oh how the clouds pretend
I pretend

c2015 GC Cameron
For Audrey with thanks for sharing Zman


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