NEW POETRY: Veiling Disbelieving



And then
the Rain came
but a bore
Unable to stop
The roaring aching
Scared broken heart
that beats inside We
Wants you beside Me

I flash
Your cower
I Temporary
Utter Blasphemy
You are poetry
I cannot fathom
Dare not try myself

Let me
slip under the covers
Bury my Shame
in your chest, cavernous
Plant kisses begging
on your mouth

When you stir
I will drink
Bless me
with a wink
and a flutter
of your eyelashes
Veiling Disbelieving

Rise and Fall
Conquer and Surrender
Your topography
to me this night
I promise
I’ll be yours
Lay down
Give all
Come Dawn After

c2014 GC Cameron

NEW POETRY: A’Coming Storm



I know
the ripples
the kind of breeze
that, staccato
gently shakes
Leaves in nearby trees
As well as I
They know the storms
Both more fragile
than we’d like to be
Not nearly as strong
as we seem
While many
admire our bravery
We cling
to Whatever
we’ve got Handy

In my case
it is your shirt
Too small to wear
I remember still
the sleeves rolled up
upon your arms
Silver curly hair
caressing what I long
to have hold me now
Your alabaster bottom
sinking down
into my Everything
(There’s ever enough
of Everything)

Angry Atmosphere
and rain
are upon
the cedars and I now
I clutch
all I have of you
Close my eyes
Squint tight
Dream of trembling
Thunderous Us

I beg the wind take
the Horrors
That deny me
Your Touch
Love, you are
Too far
Too long
for my lonely heart

c2014 GC Cameron

NEW POETRY: For Peter in Lament

For Peter, in Lament

No more fires
I can’t start
a pilgrimage
to a land that’s parched
Open your eyes
A new day has come
This is Love
this is Love

Dry your tears
in the Dawn sun
Drink the dew
The night has gone
Feast upon a smile
that can fill your heart
This is Love,
This is Love

I can see the pain
You so try to hide
Don’t say
She’s gone
(We both know
that she’s not)
I don’t want
to chase her away
Take her place
Have you say
You did what was just
You gave your heart
But it’s not lost
How could anyone
want you
to ache this ache
This is Love
offering you a way
to give on
This is Love,
Bigger than
You ever thought it was
This is Love

c2014 GC Cameron

NEW POETRY: A Mothers’ Day



did Dawn come
Caressing me
more quietly
than most mornings
Bouncing buoyant

(Life and days
come to me
a lot less timidly)

I thought nothing of it
Until suddenly
Like a child feigning brave
it burst out
and rained upon me
Embarrassed and afraid

with Fragility
I stayed
and watched
the Sad
as quickly

These days will come
I’ve no doubt
with increasing

The more I love
As a mother
who’s child
is missing
yet still seeks

c2014 GC Cameron
With Trust & Love to My Daughters

NEW POETRY: Golgotha


I wish
you’d said
how Beautiful
my courageous friend
This blonde brilliant
Nothing to lose but Pain
Cultivated blessing

Shame binds
I’m not sure I should try
to invite you to dance
beyond such a sad

Skin and bones
Fragile so
Breath and eyes
cast shadows

Hell enough
Those intending
Cruel and rough
Why offer them
more territory?

c2014 GC Cameron

NEW POETRY: How a Poet Dies



How a Poet Dies

I know now
how a poet dies
Skin, pristine
Scarred, internally
Eyes that have seen
more than others realize

I know
how a poet dies
Standing in the path
of lifes tornadoes
Riding the waves
A lightning rod
in every thunderstorm

your eyes
We cannot face
Never enough
money or touch
or time can
keep us Safe
We couldn’t promise you that
so too many times
in the name of Art)
We just ran

I hold
Nothing now
but Passions’ rust
I’ve listened
Crying watching
Aching throbbing
as stronger Others
Slipped to gone

(I can’t feel them
though I may join them
soon enough)

Ebbing tide
Setting sun
Blue jays, guard
the home I loved

On the off-chance
on the morrow
Let me remember
that I must
go gently
Syllables, inconsequential

That’s how
(Crescendo denied)
I believe
a poet dies

C2014 GC Cameron
With Love, to my Worldwide PoetKin
On the Occasion of my Open Heart Surgery

NEW POETRY: Daffodils



The yellow of
the daffodils
reminded me
of your dimpled smiles
tundra to high school drama
thoughts of your golden tendrils
Caress exquisitely
almost imperceptibly
my blushing soul now

An ordinary day
made brighter
all because you are
in the world
breathing soft
Heartbeat of
all that truly matters

c2014 GC Cameron
With thanks to RDJ & for K & EA

NEW POETRY: Waiting Honest



Do you know?
I looked through the window
out there
beyond our glass house
A woodpecker harkened
on a branch gilded with green
Could it be
Spring has come?

Come follow me
(I won’t ask you to run)
Let the sunshine
lift up your frown

I promise
to keep you warm and safe
Come out
Life IS
waiting, Honest

So tender, a heart
So trying, old ways
So wasted on others
the joy of these days
when redemption and renewal
come knocking at our door
Suggesting gently
that there’s something more
than our frailties and failed goals
Waiting on the other side
of the door to our souls

No need
to be afraid
it’ll be nice
I know
The worlds been aching
for you to come home
Let it love you
it’s been here for you
All along
Waiting, Honest

c2014 GC Cameron

NEW POETRY: Saving Grace


Some things
are better
without explanation
Lessons seen
with sudden clarity
Send me panicked
Searching for traction

I know
I’m very small
in the face of everything
It still hurts
Still stings
Stumbling messy
through everything

Let me run
if only to save face
Grant me
Saving Grace

Like a cliff
too long exposed
to the elements
It’s job
to be
as a target
wherever it juts out

Plant something green
atop of it
for me
Prove Life is still
Here / There
in spite of any misgivings

Hold me close
if only to save face
Grant me
Saving Grace

I’ll remember
Twinkling eyes
a perfect memory
of how you softened
in the twilight
as Hope dimmed
of tethering

Intoxicant luscious
I sip softly
in my dreams
to a place of no pain
Saving Grace



c2014 GC Cameron

NEW POETRY: Mae West Game



You didn’t ask
I couldn’t tell you
Despite my
Heart-swollen Hell
Better at taking
what’s not yours
Finesse and manipulate
I want so much more
I can’t do this anymore

I won’t say
I can’t play
Your girly games
I can’t lie
I can only hate
the way
You sacrifice
what is real to me
I want so much more

Be the party girl
I’m the mousy one
Still waiting for Real
Viagara and penis pumps
Lonely men want love so much
My poetry awaits
the day
They decide not to keep
visiting your mirage

I won’t stay
I can’t play
Your Mae West games
I can’t lie
I can only hate
the way
You sacrifice
what is real to
so many of us
I want more
than promises that rust
I want Love

I know I am not
Charlie’s red haired girl
Shirley Temple little
or Von Trapps
fallen in love nun
My days of being cute
and believing in purity
are gone
I just don’t want
to burn in pain
or desperate arms
being something
I’m just not
I’m so done
being Hard

I won’t stay
I think I’ll fade away
Rather than run
A relic of what matters
but is done
All gone
I won’t play
Mae West games
with anyone

c2014 GC Cameron


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