NEW POETRY: For Kathryn, Mighty and Scared


For Kathryn, Mighty and Scared

don’t you dare
think for one minute
that I don’t feel you
amidst my braveless silence
I still remember
that Good Shabbos
the only foreigner in sight
when your tiny toes
kicked me in the ribs
as the Temple Scrolls passed by

I gasped
Your father glanced
all stern
but other mothers
knew my plight

Years later
Dark circles
a frightened frown
is what I remember
of your face
upon last sight

I’ve stuttered
giving Pain power
and I wish
this Holy Night
I could hold you
in my arms
(We both
could grieve
that moment in time

When I lost
Your Trust
When I failed
to treasure enough
the perfume of your skin
your dimples
and blue eyes

Dear Kathryn Rose
Mighty and Scared
Beg Jehovah
Deliver us from Exile
Break the Darkness
with Divine Right

C2015 GC Cameron
Missing Kathryn Rose

NEW POETRY: Champagne Glorious



I want to lie
On the bed
Pasty white
as Summer ends
You and me
atop, Antique
Blissfully not caring
where Memory ends

Touch to touch
Skin to skin
Paper thin
Egoes and Endings

Caress my sagging belly
with your tender kisses
lips to win

This is
the best of Us
Better than
We’ve ever been

As the sun slides
and yields to Night
Turn off the music
Ignore the din
All I know
I need now
is your heartbeat
and your chin
Upon my thigh
Beyond my dreams
Grateful the world
doesn’t need We

This is
the best of Us
Better now
in Our reveries

We have had
the very best of Life
Hard to complain
when We stayed sane
despite the fires and fights

As the days end
Others can see
We’ve had
the best of Us

c2015 GC Cameron
On the occasion of President & Mrs Jimmy Carter
Kissing as directed by an Atlanta Braves
“Kiss Cam”

NEW POETRY: Faith Enough



I remember
that night
The one when
We stood in the Dark
Early, it was
At a higher longitude
I couldn’t see my hand
in front

Grinding your hips
Clasping my arms
All We had was Faith

It was

And then
the light came
And suddenly
We were gone

I look back
Know the goat
with cataracts
was blessed with
Innocence Enough
The cats were annoyed
by the day
Sleeping on
our tousled clothes
They knew
but didn’t say
Soft was there
in both of Us

Every vein
Firm salty drink
I took of You
became my oasis
My Salvation
amidst Chaos

Grope the Wind
Clutch my Heart
All We had was Faith

It was

Show up
on my doorstep, Dammit!
Do you think
I’d turn You away?
Flirtations dinners inches
Daily are discussed
but the Memories
seem Impenetrable
these days

The sofa
That kiss
that went on
Full of Bliss
I trust even You
can’t replace

Grief beyond measure
Cloistered too safe
All We had was Faith

(It was

c2015 GC Cameron
Photograph of Author
Courtesy A J Nasella




The night sky
Is outside
my lace-curtained windows
I see
My small life
Insignificant to many
Yet I breathe
Why must being Human
Mean being Frail?

I miss you
Reach for you
Like the Moon
does so the Earth
So far away
and yet
Close by
Too many days
It hurts

To touch you
To feel you
To know your breath again

I can’t see
Your face
but every now and then
The clouds pretend
The clouds pretend
I pretend

For one moment
what I wouldn’t give
To feel your arms around me
Sneak up on me
Tickle quick
Laugh and I’d be Happy once again

It’s just not fair
I know I’m Greedy
Of you
I’ll never have enough

But every now and then
The sky tries to comfort
It lets
the clouds pretend
Oh how the clouds pretend
I pretend

c2015 GC Cameron
For Audrey with thanks for sharing Zman

NEW POETRY: Double Nickels (Everything’s Gonna Be All Right)


(Everything’s Gonna Be All Right)

Double nickels
Stop your whining
The casino says
it’s my lucky day
Put ten in the tank
A tight skirt on my ass
The slots are three exits away

I see heavy drops
of snow falling down
but only over my left eye

Wink wink
Nudge nudge

Four hours til the sun comes up
Everything’s gonna be all right

I’m warned some sports bras
will give me a Uniboob
deterring my flirting any at the gym
I’m more worried about
my weak right side
Avoiding my bed
because I’m lonely inside
and dying without being kissed

Birds keep me company
Dogs warm my feet at night

Four hours til the sun comes up
Everything’s gonna be all right

McKuen, you died too soon
I wanted coffee and cats with you
on Stanyan Street in the late afternoon
We poets know shadows and light
say more than frail failing bodies
ever do

My birthday comes
without fanfare or stars
romance or candlelight
The wind will howl at my door
I’ll step out and say hello
to the flurries
Intricate, Intimate, Sublime
I’m scared half to death
Resilient resentful and yet
for this precious night

Four hours til I see the light
Everything’s gonna be all right

c2015 GC Cameron
Inspired by “More Than a Whisper”
by Nanci Griffith




You pour another cup
The cat takes a sip too
I look up at the stars
Wonder if your chair
holds you
as well as it did

That night
You giggle-grinned
when I bowed
to drink of you

Your cavernous hips
cradled me
in salacious delight

Does the chair
ever miss me?
(I know you don’t dare)
Do you shudder wet
at the memory
You walked away
too soon?

You never sipped of Me
My Depths so seemed to terrify you

Someone Else
will find home now
Where you dared
not to

c2015 GC Cameron

NEW POETRY: Diamonds, Amethysts, and Opals


I have always
done it for you
I accepted
the name “Hell”
repeatedly bestowed upon me
all and ever too often.

As God in the Faith
of both your father and I
is the maker of all things
as well
Grantor of Redemption
I hoped
I tried
I’ve moved ahead of Sisyphus
(Nobodys’ told you, have they)?

Where are you, then?
How DO the walls of Jericho
come down?
I’ve crawled far longer
than 7 years on my belly
to reach Humility
Safety and Good Health
and FINALLY found it
(Why aren’t you proud)?

Where is the fire in you
that is from me?
That yearns for more
than horrors fermented
Incessant and painfully?

I pray
I reach
There is more than this distance

You alone
taught me to look
Beyond Afraid

You too
It’s time now
I plead
Do the same
Together, Triumph
Sing, dance, laugh
once more
Daughters of Tragedy
Diamonds Amethysts and Opals

c2015 GC Cameron
for The Miracle & The Angel




step Step STEP
then Cry
Not every person
is your friend
Not every line
a Lie

My heart
Loves so much
(and No
Age DOESNT make us

On my sleeve
with skinned knees
I hurt
I sob
I Rise

c2015 GC Cameron
With thanks to BP

NEW POETRY: Cardiology



Please don’t
Neither Heaven nor Hell
are ready yet

I no longer
wonder why
We’ve both ended up
with heart defects

They unite Us
though in our stubbornness
We’d rather be less alike
this way

Under now
Into the Depths
hoping to surface again

c2015 GC Cameron
For GEJ Jr

NEW POETRY: Daughters’ Lament



Oh no
Not again
Clear the air
Climb the mountain
for a better view
(Was it ever good
between Us
Me and You)

I stand up tall
Walk with books on my head
Never trip
Honor the poets you read

They’re dead now
You know
Can’t You love me

I mourn every moment
Step on eggshells
with every sentence

You are
the Mother
I never knew
Wait a second…)

c2015 GC Cameron
for Mom


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