If You Ask Me

If you ask me

I truly know


taught me how

to spell my name

How to sew

How to not be afraid

when jelly glasses

fell to the floor

When egg yolks broke

How to write

thank you notes

How memories

could be retrieved

during a nap


afternoon tea

Dry my tears

in this day and age

when cotillions

don’t matter anymore

Such are you

that I carry

an Invisible shield

protective of me

as I walk now

in the World

Now stripped of Care

Devoid of Respect for boundaries

that protected Intimacies

Manifested Dreams

I carry you with me, Darling



c2016 GC Cameron

NEW POETRY: Thirty-oh



You’ve never
heard Me
This I know
I have cried
the stench-enclosing walls
that is my Home
that is my Skin
Drive me Tiny
in this way
to loathe myself
even more

polished youthfulness
and yet
oh so politely
Idealistically so
You have yet
to collide with
Gravel in your shoes
Intimately irrevently experience
Road Rash scraping
thighs and knees
and hopes

I have
so ached
Your Breath
would baptize
Air and Life

And yet
You still believe
(and still push)
and I’ll not
bear Your Sorrow
Your Eyes
the moment
You realize
Triumph here
comes tainted
by the
thirty pieces of silver
paid Forward

Treasured One
You don’t hear me
Quiet now
I know

c2016 GC Cameron




As You Go

You’re still
the same Spirit
Easy does it
Now, You go
Sober set
the sun in gold
The Dawn
will blush
at the courage
You’ve shown
The ribbon
of highway
at Your doorstep
will take You
places high and low
A warm breeze
has Your Spirit
Easy does it
as You go

Never forget
to Love
the Weak
Who’ll flock to You
Always offer them
the Strength
given by God
in Grace
to use
Anoint them
with Your kisses
Comfort with
a cuddly hug
Grieve for those
Who’s Anger devastates
Cry for those
Long Lost

You’re still
the same Spirit
Easy does it
Now, You go
the moon will rise
The Night
will call You Home
All the stars
will shine bright
in delight at the
You’ve shown
Easy does it
Destiny awaits
Easy does it
as You go

c2016 GC Cameron

NEW POETRY: The Day of My Rising


The Day of My Rising

I am
Simply Lost
Diminutively tossed

This dirt road
doesn’t frighten me
Though the Darkness
makes no sound
I’ve no compass
I’ve no guide
My heart paid the price
For being right
Once empty
I let
Life as I knew it
slip through my hands

Are you missing me?
Is there somewhere I belong?
Are you readying
A feast in celebration
of the day
I finally make it Home?
Am I Valued Treasure
that got misplaced along the way?
What do you call me?
Do I have a name?

Nothing hurts now
Nightmares have turned to sand
are like Tumbleweeds
I never know when they’ll surface
or where they’ll choose to land
I’ve forgotten
All that made me Good and Wrong
I’m harmless now
Maybe obselete
The Day of my Rising came
and you act as if you don’t
recognize Me

I’m at Peace
but still
Simply Lost
Maybe this is Bliss
A groundswell seems
to be sure of
Me now

c2016 GC Cameron
for LETH

NEW POETRY: Emily in Allegory

Emily in Allegory

live amidst the
(Ursa Major points the way)
Above the shelf
Only the Sexton knows
It’s a safer place to be
Once upon a time
Little men
Too-Real Firearms
My School Girl reveries
Did slay

Like a Chef
Hell-bent to teach
Did they display
how to Expertly
My Expanded Heart

no longer cry
in the Dark now
Instead, breathe deep
Night Blue
Like a velvet blanket
it covets me
from Those
wrapped up Chaos
demanding Loud

I’m a quiet whisper, at last
Guarded by Seraphim
Laughed upon
by Cherubim
Who swear
Mere mortals
Mistook me
for Cassiopeia

c2016 GC Cameron
For Madison Schools, Middletown Ohio




Amidst these days
of Dust and Decay
Life rises from
the Ruins
Soft and sweet
Pink and Green
Fresh as if
brand new
Yet deep inside
Cell structures and Might
Memories linger
with Wisdom Eternal

Hope blossoms
Suns shine
in an effort to climb
Beyond the
Seemingly Futile

c2016 GC Cameron

NEW POETRY: Pax Vobiscum


Pax Vobiscum

These are
the last hours
of our Existence
too much
Like Grandma Lace
Headed for Oblivion

I see
Your slight caress
Want to preserve
the sight before me

nothing will
our Giftings
but Longing

once deferred
to our Spring
Then came
the Robins
Eggs as Blue
as the Sky
While others died
We survived

These are
the last hours
of our Existence
Fading Imperceptibly

We beg
for one last look
from Nubile Passerbys
No longer Young
Why can’t they see
our vibrant lives?
Here’s a Soul
Finally ready
for the Choosing

only Eternity
is our Suitor now
Despite our Yearnings

These are
the last hours
of our Existence
However reluctant
we may be
to Relinquish
All that was Ours
for a Moment
Now requires
Another Tenancy

Pax vobiscum
C’est la vie
“We were
Grand Once”
(Say it, Please?)
Here in these
Last hours
of Reverie
Ite missa est

c2016 GC Cameron

NEW POETRY: Obsidian



36 Fahrenheit
Zero Four Thirty-Three
Hair tousled as if by a lover
I’ve forgotten now
the touch
of whiskers on my ass
Hands thirstily pumping
my long-neglected well

the parking lot gleams
Chariots sleep
as I weep
for Better
(a man
than has yet to reach
for me)

I’ll not settle now
for Dreams
borne of lack of a compass

One ninety-two a gallon
for an elixir
Fleeing for Safety
Finding No One

c2016 GC Cameron

NEW POETRY: Identity


(For June Crawford Sanders)

Some days the world
fights with itself
too much
and I beg God
for Death and Resurrection
Grant me Humility
with a glimpse
of TRUE Hell
Baptize me
on the way
back out of the Depths

“Refine me in fire”!
I, Too Small
pleadingly pray

I wait
with Impatience
til night comes around
Only to have the Moon
return a stunning Reflection

c2016 GC Cameron

NEW POETRY: Cinderella (I Don’t Know)


(I Don’t Know)

I don’t know
if I’m allowed to love you
I only know
that I’d sure like to try
You’re a good lookin’ man
and I am what I am
Just a mousy girl
with dreams too high
to climb

And at night
my blue eyes
look up your way
Beg the shooting stars
to make you kiss me
hard one day
Turn a small town girl
into Cinderella
I don’t need no glass slippers
just for you to be my fella

I don’t know
If I’m allowed to love you
I only know
you’re the one who caught my eye
You’re a soft-spoken man
and I am what I am
Just a fool for love
with a yearning heart
praying to the sky

c2015 GC Cameron


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