You are

my poetry

as the moon

drips rain

Soft on my shoulder

I can feel your hair

And though I know

that you are

very far away

In my prayers

and sighs of hope

You dream of better days

My heart aches

for the girlish kamikaze dances

round the kitchen sink

Do you think I’d care

for anything more

delicious than this

Mommys’ idea of domestic bliss

How I shudder

tremble now

seeking earfuls of your footfalls

A maternal wish

from that moon and I

We cry resigned

Separated via a bloodletting

Victims long recused

sharing a purple bruise

borne of a stormy night

I can’t set right

Sleep soundly babies

the lighthouse is shining bright

just for you

beyond past doom

c2010 GC Cameron

All Rights Reserved