TRUSTING UNSEEN SHELTER:  Considerations at Easter

Chaos swirls all about me now. Spring in the Midwest brings flurries of activity, as remnants of the last snow slip into memory.  As streets bustle with everything from pothole fillers to little girls seeking Easter dresses, I seek Unseen shelter.

I’ve known it, this week.  I’ve found a place of solace that has given me peace.  My focus has moved from pain and frenzy to quiet contemplation;  I have found shelter amidst the storms.

Relationships all around me are being made anew.  I myself prune from my life those who’s time has gone;  I set them free, pushing lives out like ships leaving harbor.  “Go”, I plead, “Seek more fertile ground”.

My desk is laden with intellectual yummy:  Projects to work on, spiritual matters to consider.  The renewal of my spirit is finding fresh fodder;  I will write this Spring, amidst new sun.