I don’t wanna be
old like you
goin through
somethin like this
I don’t wanna be
hiding my gray
feeling alone and sick
Time eats dirt
and I’m too young
to be havin a double chin
No I don’t wanna be alone
goin through something like this

Here I stand

at twenty-nine

surveying the Great Precipice

babies tuggin at my knees

and a husband behind me

I’m wearin the carpet thin

All you’ve got

is a big fat ass

and a lonesome shit eatin grin

No ones’s beckoning you

to their bed for a goodnight kiss

You can keep what’s left of your days

I don’t wanna be alone like this

Take your mama

ruinin you

for soemthin called love

or its kin

Either way at the

end of the day

it’s the past and

all of it’s sins

that haunt you like

the life you bet

couldn’t get any worse

Say goodnight

Step aside

it’s only the truth

that hurts

It’s only the moon

casting a shadow of doubt

No one wants to be

in this place

with no other

real way out

but through

I don’t wanna be you

or somethin like this

Breath of blue

don’t wanna be you

Fool you-

goin through somethin

like this

c2010GC Cameron