God how I ached for you

upon leaving town

I could see the resignation in your eyes

you weren’t fighting anymore

Your hollow smile

told me enough

it was just a matter of time

No one knew, I think, but us


I wasn’t your wife

wasn’t your savior

not your confidante

a coupla beers and a good cigar

wouldn’t relight

the hunger for touch

It was gone

and I knew it

kept your secret safe

all these months

Did I let you go

did I walk away

knowing your life

had turned to dust?


I wonder if I could have saved you

I wonder, even now

No one liked me

by the time I left

had I said ANYTHING

would others have

believed me

and reached out?

Pride should have

NEVER stood

in the way

of redirecting you towards Heaven

How I wish

I hadn’t let you say nothing

how I turned tail and ran

despite my Knowing

you had, that Summers Night

given up