Warriors Epic..

It doesn’t matter now
you only wanted us
in Hell
Light and Darkness
embossed on Nothingness
demanded of
Impoverished others
you spit precipitously

There were built beachheads
shallow but determined
siege attempts
Dredged a moat
poured out
vitriolic propaganda

You didn’t stay gone

There are times
when I and others
lament and pray for your soul
as if there’s something
even now

but we remain
your scourged
we are not
your plethoria of admirers
Gang mentality
mass hysteria
whimpers wounded
but aloud
in the dark


Paybacks will come
Watch your back
sleep with a guard
the pain will be damnable
as the captor
dissects your countenance
and strips your bones of
Arrogance and strength
we died for less than this
you’ll burn as we heal and rise
like a Phoenix
f***ing with your Serenity
there”s no going back
or stopping this retaking
Of what we’ve missed
What once was Bliss
is the kiss of death
you can’t resist
herald your final exit