Eyes are overwhelmed

Stayed up all night

Hoped storms would do it for me

guess we both needed discretion

within the Darkness

Gotta hurry

Can’t let sunlight

cast a shadow on the place

in the grass

in your front yard

on her front porch

all the Polyester Prefabricated places

where I saw my Dignity last

I didn’t wrench in Pain

didn’t show it on my face

I”d rather be asleep

when Strangers see

what you already know

It was hard to walk away

knowing you’d regale others

tell the tale

write the history

as though I abandoned and decieved

desecrated the Image

of a Perfect Family

I’m the Crazy

So like a kid decieved

I’m gonna curl up

Be Antisocial Bad

and cry awhile


c2011 GC Cameron