You run

I ruminate

Towards no specific goal

but Away

Too scared to reach

too proud to stay

too afraid of rejection

to let go

of Faking charm 

Goodness isn’t dependent on that-

I know

Be you here

or at a distance

You still thrill me

Kisses regular won’t mean less

I’ll never stop

marveling at You

on this Earth

with  your fragile-funny


Yet I’m just as insecure

in my own Headgame

While others think

we’re both Irresponsible

the Solution

is Midwestern plain

It takes courage

 When one falters

to believe

Faith and Divine Creativity

can save the day

for both

Give what you want to get

Don’t let fear

have the Future

or Today

Grasp a hand

don’t let go

Fierce hearts don’t fade 

(I know mine won’t)

c2011 GC Cameron