When did it happen?

I remember it, don’t you?

Folk music Chairman Mao

and then you took me cruisin

to baseball games

I was told much later

you didn’t like to go to

Seems like seconds 

not years

Suddenly all was gone


I went from your Corvette

to my Thunderbird

I reach out

You keep to yourself

Idol worship at our age

must be strange

You were my hero

Gave me permission to run

when small town nonsense

became gossipy too much

Mentoring art

teaching me Salvation prayers

from Prufrock

Now I don’t know

what I’ve done

to lose whatever we had

the punishment’s been too much

having moved


Corvette to Thunderbird

Get drunk on fine scotch

I’ll get lost in the sky

You never tell me

what I did wrong

I’d give anything

to be called 

“Kimbie” again

it hurts too much

now that you’ve fallen silent

It was better for all

it’s oral history I tell

those years you 

gave me reasons

to smile

I went from

Corvette to Thunderbird

and life lost it’s fun

Hell has grown cold

and I’m lost


c2011 GC Cameron