There in the Shadows

I turn the light out

sit in the Dark tonight

I know better

I know danger lurks close by

My heart pounds

the gas station closes down

I remember

They weren’t there

I won’t deny

All the years

you tried to bury 


I never lied

Did you think the child

that was me

would grow up to be

Someone who’d feign for you?

You taught me to tell the truth

and I always did

Why don’t you

 love me?

Happy Birthday

I miss you

there in the Shadows

I still ache

Fifty years have passed

I’m so much a good girl

Don’t you see?

You never appreciated me

Even when I copied you

Mimicked all that was important

Now you tell the World

I’m crazy

Happy Birthday

there in the Shadows

Don’t they see

the one thing

I was not supposed to do

You want me Dead for?

Telling on you

How I haunt you

I tried to grow

but you disown me

What I’d do for one 

brief hug

One glance admiring me

I did what you told me to

Happy Birthday

All I wanted

was you

Loving me


Out of the Shadows

c2011 GC Cameron