Hey, you over there?

Stop it!

I just don’t care!

Share your private details

by cell phone

I’ve got a kidney stone

The world is over,

you know?

A plane flew close to where

What was that,

Important parts Unknown?

I won’t flush booze away

Buy drugs  for trips I can’t take

in real life, anyway

I just don’t care

I’ve got a kidney stone

Not as attractive as

the chrome on the car I own

but in this heat

it’ll beat

Your whining

any day

Say a prayer for me

be glad I will not weep

on polyester seats

in sanitized

KJV-laden rooms

I’ve got a Kidney Stone

From this chair

I’ll not roam

With this bad poem

I’ll not

sell it on Ebay

I promise


I’ve got

The Kidney Stone



c2011 GC Cameron