How can I ask

for your kind attention

for generous relaxed

breath and blessing

Knowing now

how I’ve hurt you so

In the name of Righteousness

Criticizing Human Perfection

I nonetheless devalued

Failed to lift

High and up

The photographic talents

I carry, of my father;


my mothers’

fiber fondness

The insight imbued

in every sister

I know of

but Whos’ Presence

in my life

is absent now

I have missed

the blessing

of Empathy

It has taken

Way too long

for me

to value and to see

Those sins

Those frailties

I so felt the sting of

Actually now I know

to be

Perfect teaching tools

you walked out

I fear I’m too late

in learning

How wondrous, precious

You are

Now Forever changed

Appreciating What I once thought

was too heinous

for Anyone to Love

Perhaps I deserve

as a consequence of my batterings

Life in Exile

but I hope not

c2011 GC Cameron
For my Family, Biological, Faithbased, & Beyond