Hi There
How you doin?
I’m ok
so I pretend
Miss you much
wish you’d stay in touch
but you’ve been silent lately
With good reason, I guess
I did some things
Like everyone else
that sent you runnin
Now every day
I take the pain
Walk in the world
with Humiliation

Laundry gets done
There’s a place to sit
for anyone coming around
This bravery takes
all the strength I can muster
Just to hold my ground
Living in Exile
In this pretty place
Ain’t nothin to brag about
I do the best with what I have
Smile and nod
to those who would offer
False hope
Ways to cope
This isn’t what I thought
Loving was all about

Miss me
Do you miss me
as much as I miss you?
Though you’re not here
I beg for hallucinations
that would place you near
A shadow of my Former Self
I know I betrayed
everything you gave
Every breath
Every joke
Every touch
How much more can I say
If I cried each day
The oceans would overwhelm

It’d take just an hour
If you’d only call
Say the word
Let me come home
To your arms
To your Ire
To your bouncy blue toenails
Dancing sarcastically about
There’s no way I’ll ever be worthy
Ever make better
the Past that leaves doubts
I seek Grace
above Human Frailty
that leaves us separated

c2011 GC Cameron