I did
I gave two nights
travel time
From bowling alley
to my parking lot
It was deception from the start
On your part
hiding your frailty
Yet clearly visible
on sight of
your stripped down car
Dignity obsessed
You held your head high
Nervous I
knew no way to comfort
Threadbare reachings
for substance
in intimate touches
Too costly
for me to give up

Well paved roads
don’t complain
about the abuse they take
from nomadic
frightened hearts
That staccato
tear up the asphalt
fleeing from anyone
that exposes
what voices don’t want

I wonder now
if you’ve figured it out
As the sun sets
sky covers your nakedness

We are all
truly more akin
to survivors of the Holocaust
than we’ll ever want
to admit

c2011 GC Cameron