It all stopped mattering
The Status Quo, that is
Hunting for the
Not Too Ugly
to climb deep inside of
Feigning any soulkiss
Boring, FINE
Who cares anyway
Everybody lies

Community service
Tears and scout meetings
Pleading in a dress
from a beat up Pontiac
“Care for the Elderly”
“Vote to renew mental health”
Kerchiefs and care
for rumpled mediocre souls

I fell in love
with What Is Truly
Worth It All
Honest Fragile
Across a prayer
Beyond the ocean
and the Idiots
I share
Firmly planted
enduring values
With a lover
Ethereal in Aire

It’s all that happened
Alone I am now
but Precious Rare

c2011 GC Cameron
For Terry, Brian and Howard