It hasn’t mattered now
the hour-hours
the place the clothes
the others
When flickflack insanity knocks
kisses me tries to feel me up
I don’t automatically
think of you
(my Soul knows better
to let that Surface Hunger)

There is a trust
though I’ve never tasted
an itchy ever familiar desire
have you reach
for what I hope
is my own succulence
Nectar as precious
choosey-shy as ours
requires sad to say
a sensitive palate

And so
as yet another one’s dismissed
sent off to (I hope)
abandoned asylum
I hope pray
with the next one
I myself agree to dance with
that somehow
upon raising
my bowed head
I’ll find
your touch
your mouth
sucking me silent
at a moment
of Synchronicity
Satied curiosity
here and now
Manifested Wondrous

c2011 GC Cameron
(Merry Christmas, Santa bring him just once)