Have we finished
is there lust
still waiting for me
Where deep warm South
labors a heart
creating exiled art
tortures desire
in Coffeeville Mississippi

Is courage aching
anymore there
for my touch?
Did rudimentary passions
scare you into hiding
from my insipid want?
Smarter than I
I suspect
now it’s me
who needs the crutches
to hold up
my dignity
take me in your redeeming arms

Neither one of us
seems to have adopted
made our own
etiquette and charm
that amidst kudzu
and mud
soften what’s honest
Just the thought of you
fragile feisty
not giving up
any ground
Would you have me
come now
if I surrendered all?
Pour the coffee
I’ll do what you ask
for one utterance
from your mouth
I want the real stuff
rough and quiet
seething stalwart
living there
in that cranky
old house
I hope you’ll leave
make a pilgrimage
call my bluff
will you please
don’t stay safe
risk it all
Coffeeville Mississippi
to itself?

c2011 GC Cameron
for DR