My thanks, to those who have the courage to read and comment on my pieces here; I get, on average, about 3 emails or comments about nearly EVERY piece I write, many of who don’t care to be on my Friends list on any social media site, but DO read the pieces and usually offer up additional perspectives to ponder. I’m often told reading some of my pieces IS their “guilty pleasure”.

Oddly, what few of you seem to guess is that, face to face, OFF and ASIDE from the writings, I’m terribly shy, even considered by doctors to have a social phobia; I’ve always considered myself ugly, though I once toured as a singer and even did runway modeling for a local department store in high school. I do a lot of public speaking nowadays, believing strongly in community service; I truly FEAR people, fear their hostility and rejection, and while I can hide most of my discomfort, it DOES still exist…

and so, here I write, hoping no one will get so upset with me that they hunt me down and hurt me (I know, that sounds unrealistic, but I’ve had a few online stalkers, and I honestly don’t fancy them showing up where I live).

For this Christmas week, instead of, as I typically have, written something dripping with spiritual meaning on the gift of second chances that both Hanukkah and Christmas suggest we all deserve, I’ve written 2 pieces that are A LOT darker; not wanting criticism from potential partners, I’ve kept them OFF this site, but they ARE getting attention (oddly, throughout the world, I hear now) and being read, via links on Facebook and Twitter.

To find them, go to THIS link:
There, you’ll find one piece on what I believe is a fundamental gift we ALL should get, and the other, on Christmas from the perspective of a domestic violence survivor.

REMEMBER: If you choose to read these (or, for that matter, any others in the Past or Future to come), you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK; as such, you ARE expected to be responsible for your own reactions and expressions of such. Because of the intense nature of their subjects, public commenting IS disabled; you’ll have to write me here or elsewhere, if you want to express yourself.

For what it’s worth, I DO PROMISE a Christmas piece for the holiday itself that will be odd, but upbeat in nature.

There, then, you have it: My MOST AMAZED, HUMBLE HEART, here thanking you, my readers…

This year, YOU gave me the courage to write AUTHENTICALLY, courageously…

I can’t believe it, but YOU are MY ANGELS….

Despite feeling ostracized from my community and peers at times, banished to my little corner of a Midwestern town and fearing I’ll never find a writing agent or a loving partner or the beach or age gracefully or well?

YOU offer me Hope…prove to me that SOMEONE is listening…THAT I MATTER.

If I’m alone, without a companion or a legion of distracting, physically present friends and family, YOU prove my solitude is experienced and valued WHERE YOU ARE.

Thank you, Dear Reader…
Thank you,
for giving my life Purpose

Your “Gwennie”
Here on an Internet Outpost