Day is over
coffee’s on
Politics and drama
are the wages
of love hard won
Cell phone charges
are too high to talk
the distance between us
Isn’t a problem
I can tell
you are
my Living Poet-Art

We both paint pictures
I with words
you with brush and color
Sometimes our sanity
takes such a beating
we have to trust
run to each other
to find a way
to create outside
the lines the world uses
to ensare others
I giggle
while you
offer lint
from your belly button

There’s no use
in fighting
a world too serious
Folks commit suicide
when words and tears
become insufficient
Between us
is a current
that adjusts to the Chaos
Like a stream
We naturally flow
right to each other

Life has begun
our hearts now won
by another
who knows the saving love
that it takes
to endure
With tickling
Wisdom enough
to let go
move on
You picked me out
when I stood bright
amidst great degradation
offered me
a chance to dance
In gentle celebration
of being part
of Living beyond
the Obvious
We are
Living Poet-Art

c2011 GC Cameron
for DR