I knew the dance
when I came in
Intellectually, metaphorically
Without Sin
Clueless then
I had dreams of easing
any chance
of future holocausts
at your hands
I should have known
you’d never let me live

Here I fly
like a kite
over grave
Where you laid
all my little
red-haired dreams
Exiled to
the edge of town
Like a warning
without sound

I cannot lie
so you did
Shook my Pride
to keep those sick
coming to you
like a junkie
for what’s never
one last fix

Like a kite
over grave
tethered hopeless
bound in pain
Exiled to
cheap dirty streets
Like a stain
you wipe away
Evidence of me
Kite over Grave

I am banished
Hard copy endures
longer than
I know
and so
I fade
Kite Over Grave

c2012 GC Cameron
For Gary Stelluti and Brent Lawyer
With Apologies
to Kate and E. Ariel