Here I am

like dreamers before me

Not a bit of sense

despite my IQ

A romantic at heart

It’s had it’s fits and starts 

It’s never seen the likes of you


Wishing on a sliver of a moon


Here I am

Been alone a long time

I do what I want

ignoring what’s true

Running from my heart

It’s lived through death and awe

but out of the blue

You step in front

right into view

You have me staring breathless

It’s all that I can do


to wish on a sliver of a moon


Take these aches

away from me

let’s meet where

the Big Sky meets the country

Gives us room

to dance like we always wanted to

We’ve both been brave

too damned long

Daughters worry

we’ve lost our will to live


There you are

a face staring back at me

Not a bit of doubt

getting in the way

Asking a machine

to save our hearts

by picking a mate

we could not

Too often trampled

by Judas Iscariots


There you are

Here I am

Bus train or plane

Come carry my bags

Take me in your arms

I’ll give you a kiss you can keep

See the moon?

It’s making a sliver, grinning



c2012 GC Cameron

For Allen