You know I love you
but I can’t play politics
I’ve scraped my knees
on too many edifices
Absolute and Idiot
I tried to honor and obey
I can’t help you
now take down the dreams
Help you destroy
the firmament
others think they see
or have created

Don’t you know
I fall asleep
dream of effortless respite
in your dimples
deep and sinuous
of Tender We

(Every now and then
you let me in
beyond the Angst
beyond Irreverencies)

Tall and strong
how could it be so wrong
that you remind me
of my courage?
I approach without remorse
Fear doing without
seek the glow
of your smile beaming

No safe harbor
to be found
Life is treacherous
but searing
Lay your head
upon my chest
Put your warning weapon down
We all go to Hell
sooner or later
I know this
So do you
Let the current carry you
beyond witnesses
who can testify
to You, Fragile

c2012 GC Cameron