Here I am
alone at your grave
A life
bumbled jumbled
some days
I can’t stop shaking
Even now
the last words
you said to me
agonized over how
I let you down

I know, Grandpa
I know
things aren’t
much different now

Sitting in the grass
just us, Grandma Lil too
I ache for your wisdom
missing others far away
but closer than you
Trying hard to listen
wish you’d kiss me
kick my butt
Tell me how
to love
this stale life I’ve got

I know, Grandpa
I know
I’m not much different now

Oh, to find Redemption
Be saved from myself
To find a clue
that’ll unleash the brilliance
The Beauty you always trusted
Buried, like you, and muddled
somehow in me
you trusted vibrancy
I don’t know
how to share without arrogance
so I flounder

Storms are coming
Here I stay
Honorable, you said
instead of running away
Stubborn like you
I pray someday
You’ll be proud
of the Me
you grew

I know Grandpa
I know
It’s Hard Hell
missing you

c2012 GC Cameron
For Grandpa Ike