Yes, Hometown like Rome is burning
You smell your own funeral pyre
Though I tried to escape
Science and experience shame you
Proving without a doubt
sooner or later
Life linear
Indeed meets itself
(Welcome to your Hell)

I fled my Egypt
Returned home
only to find Gossip Awful
Frozen in time
you chose to refuse change
so I’m setting the past on fire

Like a forest too dry to support life
a controlled burn must sometimes come
Crackle open unleash life
fertilize provide fodder
for arrogance to be undone
however forced upon
Redemption must be
for Heavencome

I am not your ShameFace
I’ll not be the guardian
of secrets and lies
you told about others
Singing in the dark
while you sleep

Don’t cover your eyes
it’ll really be all right
once we make room
for tomorrow
Let go of the crass
it’s a choking asphyxiant
Let it burn
like a sin sacrificed to God

Let go
come on
Phoenix rises with the Dawn
when we set the past on fire

c2012 GC Cameron