I have lingered in
the Valley of the Bones
too long
I know this – I chose this-
Did my penance
thought I must
listen to others whining
and staying stuck

It almost killed me
I thought I owed them
I was afraid
of full sun

I seek a meadow now
where I can run
barefoot joyous
I’m ready now
to dance
I’m grateful
I survived
to reach the Green

I’ll be okay
I’m just fine now
Life was waiting
for me to come
Out of the cradle
beyond the crutch
no training wheels
Ready to stand
Dimples beaming
Lungs, Hope expanding
Misery a memory
I come full face
Amazingly ready
for the Green

I never thought
Sweet Abundance
was there waiting
to be found
I’d thought I’d have to
rip it like some brass ring
from a noose, ever taunt
Exhausted, lost
too tired to cry out
It came to me
Gentle, free
Fresh soft, a tender whisper
ready to take me
out of Egypt

The quiet’s lovely
a framework for
more important things
than the treasures
we manufacture
in our desire
to be godly
Here in this
protected place
lies the Eden
we all seek

Ego effort
rests in peace
I have finally
reached the Green

c2012 GC Cameron
For Thomas Moore