Lets run off to Arkansas
West into the sunset
Deep into green brown mud
minnows waiting at waters’ edge
Barefoot lazy
we’ll leave our brains
in offices dusty
Chaos has not been our friend
let computers and people
gossip til they’re rusty
about how we disappeared
One day
off with dogs and worms
to play
Lifes too short
there’s Hell to pay
if we try to fix
other peoples lives

Off we go
into the haze
Idiot Savants wondering
how so many bugs
fish and pollywogs
could be Heaven
to Us instead of money

Our Blessed Lost Loves
will, translucent fill creaking chairs
rocking as they keep us company
Soon enough
they’ll share the secrets of Happiness
over my bread pudding
I’ll not trap you
under a quilt
Tie you down
in arms longing
Just let me run off
to Arkansas with you
West into the Sunset
(Your Holy Land is calling)

c2012 GC Cameron
For Alice, Bill and Your Aunt