He’s nestled right here
The only man ever
Grandma swore
could really save me
Put there by the hand
of a hero, all too sad
(He kisses like a dream
but drives me crazy)

Keep her safe Jesus
Do what I can’t
She’s just a girl you see
I gave my heart up once
now I’m fragile and lost
This one so believes in me
I’m so scared
but I love her
I might get lost in her arms
Keep her with you
while I’m healing?
Love her Jesus
for me
Love her Jesus

Do blessings come in pairs?
I simply can’t stop
thinking about her
There’s laughter
that she taunts with grinningly
I’m trying to be good
but I want her
Might you give her
Patience and Trust
til I finally walk out
of the Valley of Death
that enslaves me
Love her Jesus
for me
Love her Jesus

Such a simple man
with calloused hands
and a tear upon his cheek
Knowing there’s Hope
beyond the next mile
waiting salivating
on a porch swing
I hear her voice sing
when she’s wondrous
I know I’m nowhere near worthy
Oh God of Second Chances
I’m won’t beg
but I can’t sleep
aching for the Saving Grace
she offers me
Can she really be for me?

Oh, to only know
if all that we desire
and hope for
can be seen in eyes
felt in touches
if we trust and listen
Do we dare
not believe
in Redemption?

Love her Jesus
for me
Hold my heart and feet fast
Love her Jesus
Love her Jesus

c2012 GC Cameron
For Jim, Don and Lorraine