What the Moon Couldn’t Hold

Tomorrow they will tell me
I only wanted a car
They know I regard
such things as wings
that I’ve needed one good enough
to carry me so far
that the Eye of the East
could not wink at the West
-that oh, I’ve never really loved-

Sitting alone
with your blessing
my Toto
the Moon couldn’t
hold my heart

Drought has killed the corn fields
turning them to dust
So many suicides
So few miracles
there haven’t been any left
to send to those who thirst for water
I dared not come out
of my Known Desert
til a cowboy started to run

(Cowboys don’t you know
they stay and endure
the ravaging cruelties
so the land won’t feel abandoned)

All the horses
All the Hope
All the Words
are gone

I know
too much about
what the moon couldn’t hold

c2012 GC Cameron
For Ike and Don