I’ll make my way
down the river
I lost my life
to the Sadness here
upon the shores of
my hometown
that’s left me Lonely
drowning in tears

My Grandpa came
to work in the steel mill
My Grandma up
from Kentucky
both are gone
and with them
all the green
we’d ever need
or thought we’d want

Down Louisville way
my cousins have faired well
Kept the Gospel
and the grain
Here my heart
has broken tenfold
as my loves
have abandoned Ohio
left for Dixie
seeking God and gain

I will make my place
somewhere down the river
Past the tears
down where peace
lies in the eyes
and arms of a soldier
who lost his heart
to a Frail Yankee

c2012 GC Cameron
For Cowboy Don and the Kentucky Kin