You don’t know how
I ache for you
Here and now
Underneath the golden moon
Obscured, all my footfalls
I can’t find you
I feel so lost
How I miss you now

I picnic at your grave
When I was five
we danced away
Barefoot on a Summers’ day
together among the weeds
On our knees
you taught me to pray
I never questioned Love
Didn’t doubt it
would stay
was worth it
Every Fear Every ache
Oh how I truly miss you now

I know I’m not
Little anymore
I’ve grown beyond
being cradled in your arms
You made everything
with a smile and a cup of chocolate
Was it the solution to every problem
Sweet Salve, Kentucky Grandma?

I want you back
I need a second chance
I know too well from Grandpa
I never made you Proud
I let you down
Can’t fix my heart
I believe I’ve seen some Miracles
God can send you back, I trust
He knows how much
I miss you now

c2012 GC Cameron
In Remembrance
Lillian Elizabeth Cooper Thacker