Shower in the Dark


Too bright the Sun
Too stark the Pain
Too harsh the lives
I can’t save
Too much the Burden
Too heavy the Loss
Time to let it all go
down the drain
Take a shower in the Dark

I didn’t see
you all coming
Didn’t know how much I’d love
Your voice The Hope
however Temporary
You, our Time, Life was

I’ve tried Praying
I’ve tried talking out
Shifting to metaphorical dumps
what you left behind
along with me
Never really wanted
I’ve erased you from
my list of Blessings
Having awakened
choking on
what you did for me
was mere charity
meant to boost your low self-confidence

I didn’t matter
Now I must
(Did you notice?
Your crucifix is gone)

No one needs to see
the remnants of you
slipping quietly
When they finally notice
my life, Peaceful Clean
you’ll be gone
I’ll offer my Heart
my Care my Time
my Tenderness
to Someone who really wants it
down the drain you will go
Time to shower in the dark

c2012 GC Cameron