You smile at me
from Far Away
So odd I’m sure
I think I see
the dawning of a new day
“Slow down”
I tell myself
I know Deceptions’ game
Too often
the Moon reflects
the Real Thing

I find I’m thinner now
more vibrant than before
Not sure how or why
only idiots
are knocking at my door
Don’t you see?
It’s me
Still aching to be adored
I’m tired of platitudes
and compliments I get
while staying all alone
I know Deceptions’ game
Too often
The Moon reflects
the Real Thing

Give me a reason
to trust your words
Take a train
a plane a car
make a pilgrimage to my door
Make Honorable, Plain Me
I promise once we’re all alone
I’ll be your whore

Honest in these hours
of dampened Hope
I know
I don’t beg for jewels
or fancy cars
I want seek Something More
Why am I 
so criticized
for wanting to explore
Forehead to testicles
in taste in touch
with feeling
Beyond speculative prose
I know
too much
I remember enough
of what I
Succently yearn for
Yet I find
The Moon reflecting
what I wish for

c2012 GC Cameron