It’s not something
I’m expected much to do
Someplace safe
and near
I tend to lean into
Around the corner
’round the bend
When lifes problems
seem to have no end
There I go
out of view

Blessedly the drunks
are keeping in their bars
Safe are children everywhere
playing ball in vacant lots
The road is mine
to journey on
A pilgrimage to find
the Peace I lost
Never knew
how bad I wanted
upon a meadow
I remember
hearing the voice of God

Will He come now
be my partner
in soul dancing?
If I offer up
the right kite
will he leave me wanting?
Always hoping
That I’m enough
A small girl
in second-hand clothes
with a complicated heart
I have loved
it seems
those that were the Hardest
It’s become too much
I just want
to be Desired
without words
without excuses
without cause

c2012 GC Cameron