You didn’t call
That’s all right
I needed to be alone tonight
So much to say
So much to write
Here I am
in Middle America
Impoverished Real Plain
Always ignored
in the light of day

I grew up here
skinny and strong
Lived a nightmare
in an A-frame
The neighbors knew
all along
They heard the screams
Saw the tears
None of their business
all those years

I escaped
Came home one day
in church pews
I wonder if they pray
I’m really nuts
or if they want
Gods saving grace

You didn’t call
I’m glad I’m fine
I needed to bring
the Darkness to the Light
So much to save
So much to fight
Middle America
Incredibly vain
Always abhored
in the eyes of the Brave

I know the secrets
I do
Whiny and Wrong
Not really people
more like zombies
walking around
Other towns nearby knew
We were a microcosmic
Sodom and Gomorrah
Those of us
that return
do so hoping
we can redeem
Holiness lost
Seek to sterilize
sweep away
the Rust

You didn’t call
That’s all right
I’m at Peace now
within sight
of the graves
of one or two
who really loved me
With a smile
I can leave
Dancing so delightedly
within sight
of the town
that made me nice
but can’t sustain Life
Lay the flowers
on the grave
Send me out
time to graduate
I don’t have enough
Energy to resurrect this place
Some things end
Some folks die
I know I will
someday move
to Heaven or Hell
but without any regret
I’ll make the best
Vibrant of Time
It’s all right

c2012 GC Cameron