The fall colors are muted tonight
Here under Venus and Moon
Across ocean
on the other side of mountains
I shiver in the cold, without you
Tall and brash
Any other porcelain ass
would be less than
Oh, why don’t you love me, Scotland?
Why don’t you come to me?

I speak of you now
ever fondly
A disembodied voice, in dreams
The drunker you are
on whiskey and wanted Love
the better you seem, to me
How I ache to know
Your swirling needy tongue
upon my countenance, drinking
Oh what I’d do
if only I could prove
just how much I need Thee
I wonder why
Scotland why
Why don’t you come to me?

Behind every tartan
lies a man who aches and weeps
Embarrassed, Pride lost
to feisty heaving breasts
With a brain for Sensibility
Is it not
the Heart
the lusty hips churning reaching
the only thing
True honor succumbs for?
Harvest women, full bodied
that lesser enemies could not conquer
and you earn, with mere Hope!
Oh why don’t you love me Scotland
Make me, a lost lassie, your own

c2012 GC Cameron