I know you by many names
Walls that never waivered
Sanctuaries that saved
Brick or concrete
Copper-shingled or thatch-made
I love you
Hold you Holy
Every Sacred Place

From jails to hospitals full
of the dangerous challenges in chains
To monasteries on mountains
Caverns coveting as crypts
relics precious, whispering blessings
All have found shelter Quiet
Necessary, Life and Time -sustaining
Generous in protecting
breathy inspiration in their bosoms
Away from the horrors
that make being authentic
too big a risk to take

I see them now
tumbling, fiery burning
being desecrated
Weeping gutterally
I dare not make an actual sound
Shuddering naked and frightened
with nowhere left
to protect from Soul rape

Torn down
Erased like Hope
from Lifes’ tapestry
Gone or going
Soon to be a mere memory

Blind me, now that Armageddon is upon us
Let me not be a witness
to treasured edifices of Safety

c2012 GC Cameron
With Thanks to BMS. Architect
for teaching me the value
of precious places
like Cincinnati Ohios’ Gamble House