Even anemic words
are gone now
Taken by
the Derecho Unexpected
Minimized profound
Syllables sent flying
suddenly caught up
in Fears fury
I wonder if
they willingly left
Knowing I was vulnerable

Save the world
Find your wings
I dream of such
in my recliner
Beryl in Nairobi
could be me
collecting syllables
like misplaced grains
of firmament
Fractured shattered

Scent breath
of stale magnolias in my arms
Arrogant American
I shall wander
In my most intimate
to where only desert
a fragile-fierce heart

Thatch of heroic hair
lost adrift
after murderers ensnared
Bolder, testicle-adorned
human Errors

I shall not follow
currents or commodities
the world wants to plunder

Golden untouchable
Extant treasures
too dangerous to excavate
Safely kept
Intoxicant obvious
Porcelained in Promise

Men don’t fathom me
only my daughters care now
Beryl in Nairobi
the Legend Incarnate reappearing
I shall hope
amidst cataclysmic tragedies
To assume
To become

c2012 GC Cameron