I shudder now
knowing calculating how
daily you leave
your mauseleum Beautiful
Sneering sure
The seething Wicked Obscure
that I ache for
you’re able to disguise
As only chaste
appropriate for
A Widow martyr
expected to be void
of Feelings
for any other

Lily white
but Always Right
I wonder now
how to comfort
men who’ve come to know you
as a Liar

Brilliant boring
you’re sure I am
You don’t want them to know
The real, honest
Enduring sloppy wet
Messy Imperfect
but wholly monogamous
Love I offer

Fireworks they see
You, flashing Awesome
they dive into you
discovering the cold
(too late)
of your Dangerous Casual
Starving, leaving them
Raw Spent

c2012 GC Cameron