Furrowed brow
Head that’s bowed
Fight long lost
Empty house
Heated heart
That yearns to thrust
Life, come rushing in
He’s grieved
the Lost One
long enough

He seeks
Other Than Cold to come

He won’t forget
He wanted her so much
He shudders
Just can’t fathom
why she’s gone
Yet he’s reached out now
to a firmer fierce
but fragile feminine countenance

She’ll bring him
dogs and grins
cuddle with his kin
And drink up all he offers

There comes a time
When everything
is said and done
You can mumble
Text or call
talk all you want
But the rough-nervous girl
In a white chariot
Deserves a little Love
A chance kiss
A blush of Bliss
Gotta get lost in her Soft
Candle light over pork chops
He’s done waiting
for other than cold to come

c2013 GC Cameron
for Cowboy Hawk