It was everything I’d ever wanted
bright flat clear pristine lay
The snow
the air so crisp clean
I knew my heart could heal
Break an Abandoners restraints
Slippery the road wasn’t
Silky smooth tender skin that day
sent my heart fearing
Touch Intoxicant
and so
I ran away
There’s a little girl
in every woman
A limitless boy
in every man
7 year old me
Showed up in the arms
of Virility that wanted to thrust
Years of womanly isolation

I’m lost now
Your Pride pushed you on
Every car door slam
reminds me
You lied about
going the distance I drove
(Or farther)
Too much to ask
a man be the strong one
Too much to hope for
However late
I don’t know if I’ll ever take
a chance
a road so long
Without more evidence
Of substance
Beyond seductive Mirage

C2013 GC Cameron