Amidst the desert Cold
From Renowned through
Un – but Should be Known-
I’ve cried out for help
Injuries or Karma
Righteous or Abhorrent
No self-sacrifice
No time spent
cleaning up
the Cruelty of Others
Progressed the Path of Peace
more than Ugliness

Gall rises in my throat
halting once-innocent Presumptuousness
that, as long preached
My efforts could mean
Turn the bloody tide
Save anyone else

Once so damaged
Scar tissue shield-protected my heart
it became a kind of crypt
that obscured the view
of my own Loveliness

Others now
declare horrors I knew long ago
but like the butterfly
once fat pompous

I can shed now
(having metamorphosed)
Exaltations of Awful
to be Gentle
however Fragile
Courageous sure
Beauty DOES Endure
Quietly delicious
The true Firmament Strong
Forgiving Horror
for distracting Cacophonous

c2013 GC Cameron
With love and thanks to Margie, David & Vicki