Slam the door
Sit right down
Let’s have a little talk
Daffodil perfume
in my hair
-When did I grow up?-
Oh how I love the Spring
Coy the sun
resurrecting everything
I can’t be fifty-three
I’m blushing as you flirt with me
Barefoot and coatless
underneath Lions Bridge

Slam the door
Run on out
Let’s give the neighbors
something to talk about
Rose-colored lipstick
On my face
Is my town amused
or just disgraced?
What do I care
They’re all jealous anyway
Wanting to steal a kiss
(Like me)
Barefoot and coatless
underneath Lions Bridge

No more regrets!
No more days of dying
just because
the chamber of commerce head
thinks I’m an insane wench
Happy to be
the wallflower poet
making history
as others my age
retire to their beds

They can go ahead
What the heck
I’ll fish for Real
with the otters
and the drunks they dread
Barefoot and coatless
Underneath Lions Bridge

c2013 GC Cameron