It was too different – Finally
I didn’t want you in my bed
this morning
A Sad stop
(I’m sure your daughter would agree)
Firearm loaded
It was too wrong
Judgement, you had laid it down
Sheriff in a Heartless town

Not me
I wish you were
a Dragon in my Dreams

Duck and cover
Humble not
You once rescued me
in a mailbox
Sorry for my children at Christmas
You weren’t sure I’d survive
to see this day
The world, it thought that I was nuts
You didn’t know
Didn’t want me to give up

I’ve grown up and away
from such

Red buds greeted me
in the moonlight last night
I’m just fine now
You hold tight
to what you think is truly

It’d simply be too tough
To taste to touch
then have you run
What’d be the point
in even washing the sheets?

I wish you were a Dragon
in my Dreams

Where did the time go?
Who’d have thought
I’d ever want to Love you
Less and so?
Are you proud of me?
I grew up -so will she
and like me
She’ll want you to be
the Dragon in her dreams

c2013 GC Cameron