Pitcher in the Seventh Inning

The moments come now
sometimes faster than I expect
I’m suddenly
functioning better
Sometimes Anonymous
Though I’m very short
My spirits’ tall
I navigate Life fine
Ebb and flow
Rise and fall
Rounding corners
Trying new things
Beyond surviving
I know I’m thriving here in Spring

Late to the game
I’m the pitcher coming in
the Seventh Inning

I suppose
others didn’t give me
much of a chance
That’a my job
Pushing past their doubts
(and mine, at last)

Sit your bodies down
I can do this thing
I can rise on the foundation
Soar to heights
you didn’t reach

I’ve been waiting in the wings
It’s my time
Here in the Seventh Inning

I don’t mind the weeds!
I don’t mind the rain!
Bright it on
I won’t melt
I won’t let Fear
decide my Fate
I have seen the Evils in the world
Realized they were afraid
Like me
Evil was insecure
Just like We

I’m in the game
God called me up
to run victorious
Take my place
The pitcher for
the Seventh Inning

c2013 GC Cameron
For A.N & The Big Red Machine