To the Widower Gone

Here I am
it’s been a year now
I’ve grown weary
of your ghost
How you’ve haunted me
in every kiss
every dream
down every road I go
Six cylinders
have been too much
for me
I only wanted four
At the end of each day
is the dog
you couldn’t face
(It wasn’t his fault
she died
and left you alone
unable to cope)

While I wanted more
on the bridge that night
I’ve done well
with the seeds you sowed
Haphazardly tossed
like a consolation prize
I’ve never been
as grateful as you hoped
By now
The town knows
I’ve gained gains
(too many priceless victories Alone)

A kiss
they wouldn’t miss
Public firm
Fast to stay
They won’t see
here in this mausoleum
A memorial to Hope

I ache to break out
Break the windows
Shatter the cruelty
in every pristine glass house
From the Chamber of Commerce
Self-important whore
to the judge
I grew up with
but who got out
(a writer as well)
escaping the noose
To every high school
Graduate we offer
as if it’s a precious honor

You left
when I deserved to
Now I struggle
Not knowing how

Days pass
The brakes grind
I find freedom
in thunderstorms now

c2013 GC Cameron (with Kody)