The Moonflower

You missed
The Moonflower
of course
Hippie – enrobed
in a tie dyed dress
Mud now dry
Her roots reached
for Breath
Deep in your data
You missed the sweet caress
of pale toes traipsing
upon dewy grass
Could have been your kiss
Instead of the
Suns’ reflection
Upon her barren back

A headshot
with a
Dossier called Doubt
Moated your Frailty
from the scent of Magnolias

You missed the Moonflower
(Of course)
It ignored You
So churlishly focused
But kept Elegant
However Responsive
to those who trust her
to Night, Gentle

C2013 GC Cameron
For CCB (A Fellow Aquarian, STILL gazing 50yrs forward)