The Girl That Almost Wasn’t

I know now
I do
Seven years Four years
My choice I own
I knew
Stupid little wallflower poet
You thought
never had a clue

I wanted Life
This much
but you thought I’d rust
Stay shy encloistered
Never move

I found my courage
Found a way out
Beyond doors and metaphors
I now chase storms
instead of Drama
The wind finds me
Likes to help me
piss my enemies off
(“Their pristine place
is right over there
What say I make like a tornado
and we’ll blow their Inhibitions down”?)

Goodbye, tears
Borne of Unkept Promises
Gas in the car
Cross the bridge
I was once scared of
Beat my drum
Blow the pipe
Wave as my limitations drown

One last glance
at the rear view mirror
at the
Girl That Almost Wasn’t
Safe, Coming out

c2013 GC Cameron