I search for breath
There’s no air left
No energy for reach
No pain to kill
This place
has worn me Ill
I can’t
see the sun
here in the
Autumn chill

Now there’s butter
in the crockpot
With maple and apples too

Nothing I can do
fix a warm Haroset
for you

Shining on your face
Gone, my childhood days
I don’t lift my head up
to see the river view
I don’t go to grandmas’ grave
I’m sad and quite ashamed-
I Know what she’d say
Let this town die
before it kills off you

Nothing I can do
but feed a warm Haroset
to you

Baruch atah Adonai
Why not dry my eyes
My heart’s an awfully
heavy burden to bear
I have ached
And now I plead
Won’t you deliver me
to a better place
and people who’ll love
the lessons that I bring

I ready footsteps
There’s no time left
No way to teach
No hope to will
This place can’t mean less
I can’t stop
driving around
Seeking different views
of what I found
I came home
four years ago
Now there’s still glaring
Why I left

Nothing I can do
But leave the Haroset
To you

c2013 GC Cameron
In time for EADs 16th birthday