Yellow Springs Reverie

55 cruising
at one a.m.
Car piled high with laundry
Headed home
from Yellow Springs
Didn’t know
what to say to please
The night sky’s dark
as Ebony
Nobody’s waiting
or worried about me
I’m really lonely
but I’d prefer dying
to driving on Empty

I remember
being in the back seat
coming home
from a drive-in movie
Blonde haired, tiny
Dad steered silently
All the lights flashed by
from the StarGlow
to my dreams
Gave me Hope
that someday
I wouldn’t feel alone
no matter how poor
or Unpretty

This night
I’m middleaged
Wondering why
Hope didn’t bring me
the Life of my dreams
I love the road
but God I don’t
want to be
Failing loving
Want more than
Aimless wandering reaching
I need a miracle please
Too tired I am
Driving on Empty

c2013 GC Cameron
(With thanks to CW & the great folks of Yellow Springs Ohio)